Class Project

The Class Project on Dublin by Lamplight can be accessed here:

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New: March 12, 2008

Here are the typed-up sheets based on the Topic sheets we created in class. Each Topic Page (Literature, Theatre, City of Dublin, Historical Context) will constitute a main page on the website, and then there will be sub-pages based on groupings of topics listed on each typed-up page.

Here are three of the four to download. I will post “Historical Context” as soon as a I receive it.

City of Dublin



Historical Context

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Students have been assigned to work with partners on a topic, and topics have been categorized into four larger Groups. All students in a Group are responsible for consulting with other members of the Group to ensure that individual topics do not significantly overlap with each other in the final class project.

download groups and partners

Irish Feminism Amanda Martinali, Shana Pereira
‘Mother Ireland’ Laura Langlois, Kendra Tyre
Social & Economic Conditions Sacha Brown, Michelle Kelly, Dana McNeill
Joyce/Ulysses Allusions Megan McCarthy, Conor Moore
Monuments & Architecture Stefani Kleinberg, Tricia Riley
Navigating Dublin Simon Paabor, Adam Wray
Head-of-State Visits Kate Ciborowski, Laura Moniz
Irish-British Relations Anna Diemert, Heather Taws
Regiments, Societies, Pol. Groups Michel Hau, Evangelia Kambites
Cuchulainn Stephen Sullivan, Lisa Yaroski
Irish Literary Revival & British Stage Caitlin Carr, Ashley Williamson
Irish National Theatre Jonathan Khaiat, Danielle Sampson
Story Theatre & Commedia Kristin Greczko, Emily Veryard