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Website Evaluations

Hi All,

I’ve just emailed all the website evaluations to your Queen’s email addresses. See you at the exam!


Topic Sheets

The typed-up topic sheets from Monday’s group work are now available as word docs on this website, on the Class Project page.

I have also posted the notes on the DBL website near the top of the list, as *NOTES. If you haven’t figured out where your blurbs will go, you can add them to these *NOTES pages. The four *NOTES pages will eventually be removed when all the blurbs find their rightful place in the page/subpage structure. I also see that Amanda Martinali has posted pages and subpages based on these topics. This marks a significant step in finalizing the structure of the website, so many thanks to Amanda for taking this initiative.


Website Conventions

Hi all,

We have to agree on a number of conventions so that our Dublin by Lamplight site is professional and uniform. Here are a few that came up last week:

1. Pages are not ‘owned’ by a single author, but small number of pages with a few sub-pages each is a good format to pursue.

2. All blurbs should have their author noted at the bottom of the blurb using the following style: leave a space, then write a dash, a space, and your name. Example:

– Natalie Harrower

3. All students must track their individual contributions on a one page document, that will be submitted to me the day the website is due (March 19 in class). This way, I can trace all of the ‘unseen’ contributions, such as the formatting of pages, the addition of joint topic headers, etc.

4. Let’s agree to use common ‘Heading Styles’ to denote Topics, subtopics, etc. (Discuss in class March 10)

5. Keep Page titles short – fit within the right column

6. Students should provide links from their individual blurbs to other students’ pages

7. Every student is responsible for removing their own out-of-date pages

8. Everyone must add references to the Works Cited page using MLA format. Individual contributions should use in-text citation format – eg. (Smith 1991, 23). The year is not a regular MLA convention, but can be used to distinguish multiple works by the same author in a way that is neater and cleaner than quoting part of the title.

9. Image citations: write— Image: (or use MLA if image is not from the web).


Further Instructions on the website

A few tips:

1. You have to create a PAGE to contain the information you post on the website. DO NOT put your information up as a “POST” because it will not show up.

2. Basic instructions: Login to the Dublin by Lamplight site; click on “Write”; Choose “Write Page”; Give the page a name; Enter your text in the window; click Publish. mAKE SURE YOUR NAME SHOWS UP. THAT’S IT!!!!!

3. Anyone who has not picked up their package (I returned them on Wednesday) can retrieve it from Carol Anne at the Drama desk tomorrow.


New Contract

Summary of what was decided in class today:

– Everyone has to create an individual page on the Dublin by Lamplight website by the end of Sunday, March 2, 2008, and write one entry. This entry should be a written statement (50-200 words) that reflects one small part of your research. Give it a title, make it legible, and check your spelling and grammar. This is a simple task to ensure that everyone has grappled with the site at least once. Remember that your login and password take this format: firstnamelastinitial (I would be natalieh) unless you changed it during the classes with Jenn.

– All individuals who make this posting will have their final website contributions extended to 11am, Wednesday March 19, 2008. I have set the deadline of 11am because I would like to show and discuss the website in class as a sort of ‘post-mortem’ on the entire project. Students who do not complete this task on time will be subject to a late penalty.

– If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to email me. I am here to help out – don’t let the web side of things make you crazy.

– On Monday we will look at all of the postings, and make time for discussions. I will also discuss citation formats, so that we can all be using the same thing (MLA in-text citations).

– One final important note: I have changed the email listserv for our class. Now everyone who is in the class can post a message to the listserv, and it will be distributed to all members of the class. This should facilitate discussion. IMPORTANT: Only registered email addresses can be used to post; the listserv uses your Queen’s email address. To post a message to the listserv, address it to : DRAM319-L@Lists.QueensU.Ca


February 11&13

I have updated the Schedule page to reflect what the class will be doing on Feb 11 and 13. There are no readings for this week. Instead, students will learn how to login and start constructing the website that will house the class project on Dublin by Lamplight. You can look at the site now, which is merely a shell of what it will eventually become. Students who have laptops are encouraged to bring them on both Monday and Wednesday

On Wednesday, the class will meet in Room 115. The goal of Wednesday’s class is to determine, as a class and in smaller research groups, the basic layout of the site. Right now you’ll notice that the ‘pages’ are named after the Groups – Group A, Group B, etc. This is not a very attractive or informative way to name pages, so students need to decide how the website will be structured. Having one page for each student is overwhelming, so the class needs to decide how to categorise their research into different areas that promote easy and clear navigation for website readers. Thinking about this in advance will help the class to get further on Wednesday.



Hi all – I have updated the Assignments page to give more detail about seminar participation grades, and how they are calculated.

Also, I have been looking through the ‘example’ websites I posted, and can direct you more specifically. If you go to the Murphy site and choose “Related Topics” you will see four major headings in green bars – these are sort of the equivalent to the “ABCD” groups I have assigned. The last one on this site – Loss of Heritage — provides a good example of how one topic (the thing you are doing in partners) could be approached. For example, one student could be responsible for the topic “Emigration.” Note how the students have created subtopics under Emigration, such as Figures, Leaving Home, etc. I expect your packages (and the subsequent site) can be arranged in subtopics like these. Hope this helps.


Website Inspiration

Hi all,

Check out these websites, created by students in Professor Dawn Duncan’s classes:

Tom Murphy e-guide
James Joyce The Dubliners e-guide

While our topics and subtopics will be different than those on these sites, these websites give us an initial idea of what can be achieved for our website. If you find similar sites in your searches, please email me the links and I will post them.