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Magdalene Sisters Screening

The film screening is this TUESDAY APRIL 1, 5:30pm in ROOM 102.

A copy of the film is also at the Drama desk for a 3-hr sign-out.


Topic Sheets

The typed-up topic sheets from Monday’s group work are now available as word docs on this website, on the Class Project page.

I have also posted the notes on the DBL website near the top of the list, as *NOTES. If you haven’t figured out where your blurbs will go, you can add them to these *NOTES pages. The four *NOTES pages will eventually be removed when all the blurbs find their rightful place in the page/subpage structure. I also see that Amanda Martinali has posted pages and subpages based on these topics. This marks a significant step in finalizing the structure of the website, so many thanks to Amanda for taking this initiative.


Website Conventions

Hi all,

We have to agree on a number of conventions so that our Dublin by Lamplight site is professional and uniform. Here are a few that came up last week:

1. Pages are not ‘owned’ by a single author, but small number of pages with a few sub-pages each is a good format to pursue.

2. All blurbs should have their author noted at the bottom of the blurb using the following style: leave a space, then write a dash, a space, and your name. Example:

– Natalie Harrower

3. All students must track their individual contributions on a one page document, that will be submitted to me the day the website is due (March 19 in class). This way, I can trace all of the ‘unseen’ contributions, such as the formatting of pages, the addition of joint topic headers, etc.

4. Let’s agree to use common ‘Heading Styles’ to denote Topics, subtopics, etc. (Discuss in class March 10)

5. Keep Page titles short – fit within the right column

6. Students should provide links from their individual blurbs to other students’ pages

7. Every student is responsible for removing their own out-of-date pages

8. Everyone must add references to the Works Cited page using MLA format. Individual contributions should use in-text citation format – eg. (Smith 1991, 23). The year is not a regular MLA convention, but can be used to distinguish multiple works by the same author in a way that is neater and cleaner than quoting part of the title.

9. Image citations: write— Image: (or use MLA if image is not from the web).


Schedule Changes

The schedule for the rest of the semester has changed to account for today’s snow-out. (Although really, it turned out to be a lamb of a day…) All presentations will now occur one week later than originally scheduled. This Monday will be dedicated to some serious website work, and I will have specific tasks that you have to accomplish in class. Please check the new Schedule to make absolutely sure when your presentation is taking place, what needs to be read for that day, etc.: SCHEDULE PAGE