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Costumes for Seminar Presentations

At a student’s request I have arranged with Anne Redish for class members to borrow costumes for seminar presentations. This is optional, and while I strongly encourage making the performance part of the presentation exciting and engaging, the academic side of me feels it necessary to remind everyone that the analytical/communication side of the presentation must not be neglected… Ok. So. If you want to borrow costumes, please approach Anne in advance (e.g. a week in advance would be nice) and arrange for what you need. I have suggested that students may require one item or several, but that we’re not doing full productions…



What: THREAD: an intermedia performance

Who: Students from the Departments of Art, Drama, Film and Music


When: Thursday to Saturday, February 7-9, 2000 at 8:00 p.m.


Where: Convocation Hall at Queen’s University, 85 Stuart Street


Tickets available at the door: $5 general admission, $3 students. A portion of the proceeds to the Kingston Youth Shelter


Information: or call 533-2104


We live in interesting times. This is as true in the creative arts as it is anywhere. One of the most striking features of artistic practices in the new century is the extent to which the barriers between traditional disciplines are breaking down.  In the fall of 2007, a group of students and four professors from the departments of Art, Drama, Film and Music set out to accomplish the seemingly impossible: work together to create a large, public performance that explores and expands on the skills they have learned within their own departments – but in a way that forces collaboration, not only between students, but also between the art forms themselves. The result is THREAD, an intermedia performance that combines elements of live theatre, video projection, live music, recorded sound, and installation artwork. 


The performance is inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus and his disastrous fall. In THREAD the students interpret aspects of this story in a contemporary context, looking at modern labyrinths, creation myths, childhood, state power, propaganda, surveillance, pornography, and the dangers of excessive faith in technology.

The end product combines inflatable sculptures, sound art, dance, movement, choral singing, theatre and video projections into a performance that challenges the audience’s notions of conventional performance.  It promises to be one of the most unique events ever held at Queen’s University. THREAD asks you to think outside the box, and unravel your notions of what a live show can be.  



Hi all – I have updated the Assignments page to give more detail about seminar participation grades, and how they are calculated.

Also, I have been looking through the ‘example’ websites I posted, and can direct you more specifically. If you go to the Murphy site and choose “Related Topics” you will see four major headings in green bars – these are sort of the equivalent to the “ABCD” groups I have assigned. The last one on this site – Loss of Heritage — provides a good example of how one topic (the thing you are doing in partners) could be approached. For example, one student could be responsible for the topic “Emigration.” Note how the students have created subtopics under Emigration, such as Figures, Leaving Home, etc. I expect your packages (and the subsequent site) can be arranged in subtopics like these. Hope this helps.


DRAM 330 Performance

From: Judith Fisher
Date: Jan 30 & 31
Time: 8pm

Everyone is invited to the DRAM 330 class performances of Before and After (Restoration and eighteenth-century prologues and epilogues) in the Vogt next Wednesday and Thursday 30th and 31st January at 8pm. Admission is free. The show is double cast — all female cast on Wednesday and mixed gender cast on Thursday.


Drama 238B Workshop Performance

From Julie Salverson
Date: Sunday January 27
Time: 4 -5pm,   Vogt Studio.

Come see our one hour (or less!) workshop of the performance Drama 238B  will do for the upcoming conference “Uncommon Magic”, celebrating  Kingston writer  Bronwen Wallace. The class is combining their family  histories with Wallace’s poetry, coming up with short (1 minute)  solo  performance stories, mixing genre and performance style, and exploring  transitional connections.  The class is working with guest artist Jodi  Essery from Sabooge Theatre.  We need an audience to try this  experiment out before our conference gig!


Website Inspiration

Hi all,

Check out these websites, created by students in Professor Dawn Duncan’s classes:

Tom Murphy e-guide
James Joyce The Dubliners e-guide

While our topics and subtopics will be different than those on these sites, these websites give us an initial idea of what can be achieved for our website. If you find similar sites in your searches, please email me the links and I will post them.


Seminar Presentations

Instructions for the seminar presentations are now on the Assignments page as a downloadable Word document. We’ll talk about this in class on Monday.


Ker Wells Performance and Workshop

The Special Events Committee has two exciting upcoming events, both starring the inimitable Ker Wells:

1. Friday Feb 1, 2008, 8pm Vogt Studio: Performance of ‘Living Tall’

Details: Living Tall Poster

2. Saturday Feb 2, 2008, 10am-4pm Room 106: Physical Theatre Creation Workshop (limited participants)

Details: Wells Workshop Poster


Research Package/Website Topics

Topics have been assigned for the research package/website assignment on the CLASS PROJECT page. Everyone received one of their top three, and I did my best to grant first choices in as many cases as possible. All students have to collaborate with partners on their topics, and each topic has been assigned to one of four larger working groups. Researchers are responsible for consulting with their partners and with members of the larger working groups to ensure that there is little to no overlap in the final website presentation.


Seminar Presentation Schedule

Names have now been added to the Schedule/Readings page, so you can double check your presentation date. There is also a downloadable schedule at the top of the page.