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This course is designed for students who are keen to improve their knowledge of recent drama in Ireland, and who want to challenge themselves to move beyond a simple understanding of a play’s story, to a more complex engagement with the world of theatre. In this capacity, students will be encouraged to probe the ways in which drama is structured, and to differentiate between the text provided by a playwright, and the myriad of interpretive choices that result in the theatrical staging of that text. At the same time, we will begin with the assumption that dramatic texts are not isolated artistic products, but instead are best understood in their social, political, and historical contexts. The course will help students to develop critical thinking, research, and presentation skills that are useful both inside and outside the university. Students will be asked to think creatively when approaching a research problem, and will have the opportunity to present their research on the internet.

image/credit: Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats…