*Any changes to the schedule will be reflected on this page, so make sure to consult this page weekly. All readings are in the Gerould book, unless they are noted as on [reserve]. The reserve readings will be available at the P&CC, and all readings will also be available for short-term loan at Stauffer Library.

Download Reading & Seminar Schedule

Tues Sept 9 Intro/syllabus
Thurs Sept 11 Intro – Tackling the Big Questions
Tues Sept 16 Aristotle, The Poetics (selections), 43-67
Thurs Sept 18 Aristotle cont.
Tues Sept 23 Schiller, The Stage as a Moral Institution, 248-254
Seminar Leader: Merritt Crews
Thurs Sept 25 Zola, Naturalism in the Theatre (selections), 358-367
Seminar Leader: Virginia Start
Tues Sept 30 Plato, The Republic (selections) [reserve]
Seminar Leaders: Charline Morrison, Danielle Sampson
Thurs Oct 2 Plato cont.
Tues Oct 7 Tertullian, On the Spectacles [reserve]
Seminar Leader: Alex Khan
Thurs Oct 9 Rousseau, An Epistle to Mr. d’Alembert, 202-218
Seminar Leaders: Saffron Dieroff, Adam Wray
Tues Oct 14 Diderot, Conversations on The Natural Son (selections) and The Paradox of Acting (selections), 189-201
Seminar Leader: Pauline Boyle
Thurs Oct 16 Diderot cont.

Tues Oct 21 Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy (selections), 336-350
Seminar Leaders: Rachel Barber, Rob Bril
Comparative Essay Due (extended from Oct 16)
Thurs Oct 23 Nietzsche cont.
Tues Oct 28 Zeami, On the Art of No Drama (selections), 96-107
Seminar Leader: Evangelia Kambites
Oct 29, 30, 31 or Nov 1 See Drums in the Night
Thurs Oct 30 Brecht, The Modern Theatre is the Epic Theatre and Alienation Effects in Chinese Acting, 444-461
Seminar Leaders: Alicia Ho, Tanis McDivitt-Vander Molen
Tues Nov 4 Brecht cont.
Thurs Nov 6 Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed, 462-473
Seminar Leader: Devon Murphy
Tues Nov 11 Boal cont.
Thurs Nov 13 Artaud, The Theatre and Its Double (selections), 433-443 and “No More Masterpieces” [reserve]
Seminar Leader: Jenny Green
Tues Nov 18 Artaud cont.
Thurs Nov 20 Soyinka, Drama and the African World-view (selections), 474-482 Seminar Leader: Jess Hallis
Mon Nov 24 3:45pm Drums in the Night Essay Due
Thurs Nov 27 Vaclav Havel, Writing for the Stage (selections), 483-490
Seminar Leader: Geoff Grimmett