Welcome to Theories of Theatre for Fall 2008!

Welcome to the website for your course – I look forward to meeting you all very soon. ‘Theory’ is a demanding course, in the sense that you’ll be asked to really think through ideas, to challenge assumptions, and to reassess your thoughts in the light of new insights. For these reasons, theory is also a very rewarding course, and I truly look forward to the journey we will take as a class.

The page you are now looking at (home page) is the ‘blog’ for the course. Periodically I will post questions, articles, announcements, and instructions on this page. It’s a good idea to check each week before classes begin. You can reply to these posts through the ‘comment’ function, and even generate discussions here with other classmates. All posts on this page are tagged with different category names, so you can also access past quotes by category, or by the month in which they were posted (archive).

On the left sidebar you will also see a list of ‘pages’. These pages provide the equivalent of a course syllabus, but ready-made for a paperless universe. Read ’em and you’ll find out many details about the course.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in September,