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*All assignments are due at the beginning of the relevant lecture in order to be considered ‘on time’. Late assignments can be handed into Carol Anne at the Drama desk, weekdays 9:00am-3:45pm. DO NOT slip anything under my door as it will be assigned a submission date based on when I am next in my office, which could be days after you put it there. Or it might get ripped by the door/eaten by the vacuum.

Weekly Musical Quiz – 0% (but tonnes of fun)

The instructor will play a recent song at the beginning of every weekly screening; students guess the name of the artist and the name of the song, write it on a scrap of paper, and hand it to the instructor by the time the song ends. Prizes will be drawn at the end of the semester based on the best number of accurate responses. Participation Optional.

Weekly Craps Quiz – 15%

At the beginning of every Wednesday class, Lady Luck will conjure the dramaturgical devices of fate, chance, destiny and providence to determine whether or not you will write a pop quiz. If the die rolls a 1 or 2, you’re off the hook; if it rolls a 3 or 4, you write a question on that week’s film; if it rolls a 5 or 6, you write a question on the week’s assigned reading. Number of quizzes to be determined by chance. Quizzes will take place at the beginning of class, and cannot be made up or rescheduled.

Essay 1: Drama into Film – 25%

Due: Friday February 6, 2009 by 3:45pm. Please submit to the Drama office, basement of Theological Hall
Length: 4-5 pages (double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins)
This assignment will ask you to analyse the relationship between a play text and a film interpretation.

Download the assignment details: DRAM 205 Essay 1
Useful Terms for Formal Analysis reference sheet

You can read the play online
You can also view the film online
Update Feb 2: This link is now dead. Try this one instead, but do not rely on YouTube – borrow the DVD:

*Copies of the film on DVD are also available at the Drama department; the quality on the DVD is far superior to the quality on YouTube, so it is strongly advised that you view the DVD copies several times, and then use the web version for ease of access.

Good luck!

Essay 2: Filmic conceptions of Theatre – 35%

Now Due: Wednesday March 18, 2009 at the beginning of class
Length: 7-8 pages
This assignment will ask you to explore the conception of theatre and performance as evidenced by specific film(s).

Download the assignment details: DRAM 205 Essay 2

*Copies of both Hitchcock films are available for sign out at the Drama desk

Final Test – 25%

Friday April 17, 2009
Theo Room 102

Download the Exam Format



The pressure that arises from assignments and deadlines can lead to stress, and all students are subject to this stress through the course of their academic studies. Please know that my door is open to discuss any challenges you may be facing, and to help you see them through. University study is a privilege that few can access, and in respect of this privilege, students must display integrity through their conduct and assignments. In the end, it is our ability to rise to life’s demands in the face of challenges that develops character, and makes our achievements truly meaningful. Students and Instructors are equally bound by the University’s policy on Academic Integrity, which can be found at:

When submitting work for a course, ALL references, whether explicit or implicit, directly quoted or paraphrased, must be accurately documented, both in the body of the assignment (e.g. footnotes) and in a bibliography at the end of the paper. In addition, all work submitted for this course must be original to this course. If you consult secondary sources in the preparation of any assignment, you must note any arguments borrowed from these sources. For further information, carefully read Plagiarism and How to Avoid it.

As for deadlines, I do think it is in everyone’s best interest to just get work in on time – it actually reduces stress! For late work, a penalty of 2% per weekday will be applied, up to a maximum of 20% (two weeks late). Assignments more than two weeks late may not be accepted. Exceptional circumstances may warrant a modification to this policy at the instructor’s discretion, and students are responsible for adequately communicating their circumstances to the instructor. As for extensions, I am amenable to granting them if students contact me early enough – that is, if you demonstrate planning, as opposed to last-minute panic. Use the following procedure: request an extension via email. I will respond, and if an extension is granted, you must print out my confirmation email and staple it to the assignment when it is submitted. This will be the record used for applying extensions.