Welcome! You are viewing an archive of the course offered by Natalie Harrower at the Queen’s University Department of Drama in the Spring of 2009. If you are looking for current offerings at Queen’s Drama, follow this link.


Course Goals: Students can expect to…

  • Gain wider exposure to theatrical and cinematic forms
  • Employ analytical, theoretical, historical, and stylistic forms of analysis
  • Probe the relationship between performance arts and cultural/social movements
  • Deepen critical appreciation of film and theatre
  • Build a vocabulary for discussing drama, theatre, and film
  • Better understand artistic ‘cross-pollination’
  • Improve skills in writing, critical analysis, and ways of seeing
  • Discover new music (bonus part entirely unrelated to course material)


Course Description

In an age of increasing media convergence and inter-medial exchange, how do the seemingly separate worlds of theatre, film, and television interact with one another? What techniques are shared by each of these media, and how does the medium affect the creation and reception of cultural products? How is the audience experience shaped by the cultural shift towards the visual and the digital? Taking a topical approach, this course will explore the impact of theatre on other media, as well as the ways in which film and tv have transformed theatrical productions and audience expectations in different historical moments. The course is suitable for any student who is curious about artistic form and style, and who wants to scrutinise the connection between society and the arts.