Online Videos

To supplement or complement your learning, a large number of videos are available as streaming video through the Queen’s Library. The ‘Theatre in Video’ collection, when complete, will house more than 350 videos. These screenings are optional, and can be viewed at your leisure as a way of extending your learning beyond the classroom.

Note: you must be using an on-campus internet connection, or be signed into the library proxy in order to view these videos, because they are reserved for use by the Queen’s community.You can access each video directly by clicking the links below, or can use the playlist created for the course at:

Title Duration Play!
1. Aristophanes: His Life and Theatre, The Gods are Laughing 51:02 playbutton1.gif
2. Agamemnon by Aeschylus translated by Tony Harrison 01:35:21 playbutton.gif
3. Choephori by Aeschylus translated by Tony Harrison 01:10:19 playbutton1.gif
4. Eumenides by Aeschylus translated by Tony Harrison 01:07:49 playbutton1.gif
5. Greek Drama: From Ritual to Theater 53:54 playbutton1.gif
6. Theatrical Devices in Classical Theatre 19:48 playbutton1.gif
7. Women in Classical Greek Drama 36:33 playbutton1.gif
10. Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage 45:12 playbutton1.gif
13. Laurence Olivier’s As You Like It by William Shakespeare 01:35:59 playbutton1.gif
14. Shakespeare and the Globe 30:55 playbutton1.gif
15. Shakespeare and his Theatre: The Globe 27:15 playbutton1.gif
16. The Renaissance Stage: The Idea and Image of Antiquity 29:31 playbutton1.gif
17. Société des Comédiens Français’ Tartuffe by Molière 01:57:58 playbutton1.gif