December 8, 2008

Study Questions for Final Exam

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You can now download the Study Questions for the Final Exam. I have also posted a link to these questions on the Assignments page, where you should review the format for the exam. The two essay questions in Part C of the exam will be drawn directly from these study questions. Because you have these questions in advance, I will expect you to provide detailed responses; strong answers will include specific examples from the plays to support a well though-out argument. If you have any questions about terminology in these questions, you have the opportunity to ask me in advance (by email or appointment). Happy studying!

September 12, 2008

Final Exam Question

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One of your classmates enquired about the content and format of the final exam; here is my response:

The exam will draw on knowledge from all parts of the course. You’ll be asked to directly discuss the play texts, as they are the things that structure our semester, and your answers will benefit (significantly) from lectures, group discussions, and the assignments you’ve completed. It’s my belief that we learn in a variety of ways – one of those ways is through my lectures, but the points that come up in discussion are just as significant. For example, if I plan to talk about , e.g., the slave character in The Frogs, but someone else raises this point in class and we discuss it, then I will skip that part of my lecture because we’ve already covered it!

The format is not yet determined, but in all likeliness it will be composed of short- and long-answer questions that you have to answer in full-sentence and/or mini-essay format. Before classes end, I will make the format explicit, by listing how many parts the exams is composed of, and the format for questions in each part.