August 13, 2008

Welcome to World Drama I for Fall 2008!

Category: profnotes — theprof @ 2:16 pm

It’s good to see you here, although I expect meeting in person will be more rewarding!

The page you are now looking at (home page) is the ‘blog’ for the course. Periodically I will post interesting tidbits, or enhanced instructions, or departmental announcements on this page. You can reply to these posts through the ‘comment’ function, and even generate discussions here with other classmates. All posts on this page are tagged with different category names, so you can also access past quotes by category, or by the month in which they were posted (archive).

To the right you will also see a list of ‘pages’. Right now there is only an ‘About’ page which gives the basic coordinates of the course. By the time the course starts (and even earlier if I’m speedy), there will be pages listing assignments, required readings, weekly topics, etc. Check back in late August, but for now, thanks for stopping by (keener).

See you in September,