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Blog A Year in Dublin
most of my creative energy these days is going into maintaining a blog of curious observations about life in dublin.

reviews*: "She makes culture shock look fun!" "I really like it" "Wow your pictures are beautiful. Ireland is really green"

(*all reviews by me or my friends)
[added September, 2009]


Theatre Directing
archival information for two toronto productions
[updated November, 2009]


Knives in Hens
David Harrower

Oct 22 - Nov 2, 2003

Studio Theatre,
Glen Morris Avenue

Toronto Premiere

Portia Coughlan
Marina Carr

Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2001

Studio Theatre,
Glen Morris Avenue

Canadian Premiere


Photoblog Nuit Blanche
toronto pulls an artsy all-nighter
[added October 8, 2006]

Some of my pics below were featured in a CTV.ca article and photo gallery about Nuit Blanche!


Philosopher's Walk is transformed into a sea of fog by Fujiko Nakaya


Philosopher's Walk



Neon signs on Baldwin St. send forlorn love messages via Elvis song titles:
artist Chris Curreri


Baldwin St.


Darren O'Donnell's Ballroom: kid-like fun for adults


Hart House's swimming pool transformed by FASTWÜRMS Dai Skuse
& Kim Kozzi



Photoblog : Stop, in the name of . . .
the socio-political uses of stop signs in toronto
[added February 26, 2006]


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